Affiliate Program

How do I become a Safety Glasses USA Affiliate? CJ and ShareASale Affiliate Programs 

Safety Glasses USA, Inc. is a top destination on the web for purchasing safety eyewear. We also carry a wide variety of work gloves, hearing protection, hard hats, and respirators. 

We offer a vast selection of safety glasses and goggles from many top brand manufacturers to include: Oakley, Crews, Pyramex, Smith & Wesson, DeWALT, Wiley X, Radians, ESS, Uvex, and much more. 

These types of products can be used for activities such as industrial work, military applications, hunting and shooting, yard work and many other areas where the threat of eye, hand, or head injury exists. Our wide selection of products allows links to fit into many types of website themes.

Please note, our ideal affiliates are content-driven sites, blogs, or online stores that cater to a similar demographic as us and can send us unique traffic. We are flexible in the types of sites that can sign up, but we do reserve the right to decline potential affiliates, especially if the website is or appears to be engaged in spam marketing with no real content or purpose. Also, we generally do not allow coupon sites to be affiliates.

To learn more or to apply to our program, please click one of the following: 
CJ Affiliate or ShareASale