Noisefighters SightLines Gel Ear Pads, Adapter Plates, Shooting Kits

Finally, Headset Cushions with Zero Eyewear Interference! By adding a recessed channel, or relief cut, at the top of the cushion for eyewear to slide along, the head seal can remain intact instead of being forced open when eyewear is inserted. SightLines is a straightforward and inexpensive solution. Noisefighters SightLines Gel Ear Cushions replace your existing ones and install in seconds.

Using Sightlines Gel Ear Pads means your eyewear no longer causes hot spots around the ears. Also, the unique horseshoe ring design and use of silicone gel and memory foam soften the cushion so much that compression is significantly reduced, the pressure is better equalized across a larger surface area, and eyewear won't sit crookedly. It's like wearing pillows on your head. Our cushions are also quite roomy, so ears won't feel cramped. You can wear them all day with or without eyewear, with no change in comfort. You won't ever want to wear standard headset cushions again.