Airsoft Safety Glasses and Goggles

Airsoft safety glasses and goggles are not just for the military and law enforcement. While it’s understandable that a plastic BB is not capable of doing the extent of damage that would result from copper or steel, but if a plastic BB is traveling at 400 to 600 feet per second, it could easily take out an eye. Due to the higher velocities involved in Airsoft, we offer more Ballistic rated eyewear to provide the most effective protection. We also recommend the protection of goggles over glasses, which don’t gap for an Airsoft BB or dust to enter.

In military and law enforcement units, Airsoft is a serious tactical simulation used for developing skills, strategies and awareness and honing them. We feature many top choices for Airsoft safety goggles that not only look good but also effectively serve the greatest purpose...protecting your eyes.

Among the options we offer to ensure uninterrupted clarity are anti-fog, curved and dual lenses. Certain styles are created to fit over your glasses while others come with an insert that can be fitted to your prescription. Some come equipped with a built in fan for visibility and comfort. Some have foam padding that seals around the face for extra protection. When extra protection is needed, we serve up options.